Sør-Ossetia var en test på russisk vilje og militær slagkraft

800px-kremlin_27062008_01 So it happened, at last. Cold war is over. We are fighting already. Washington has made a decision to finish what was started in 1991: main American objective for Russia – to destabilize the country, to establish a full control over the natural resources through a division of the country into a numerous puppet states. Americans were never too cautious to cover the scheme. It was only a matter of time. Now the time has come.

A surprise attack launched by a «so called democratically elected” president of Georgia, which happened hours after that president gave his word that a peaceful solution would eventually end the 17 year crisis for good. Instead happened an American led aggression against Russia. (More then 95% of the South-Osetians are Russian citizens). This puppet regime would have never done such a thing without a direct order from Washington; otherwise Americans won’t send his pay check. In America very few people knows what Georgia is or where, to say nothing of South Osethia. There are virtually nothing there – no gas, no oil – zero. America wants Russia.

Georgian attack on South-Ossetia – was an American probe against Russia. Washington tried to clarify the situation:
1. Moscow’s reaction for the killing of Russians and Russian peacekeepers. Weather the new Russian elite has the political will or not.
2. The reaction of the Russian society. Maybe there is a fifth column which is ready to support “Real democracy” and their Georgian friends even at times when they are openly killing civilian population through the ethnic cleansing or are there people who will fight Americans (we are not counting the pro-Kremlin organizations which are doing it for money).
3. To probe the Russian military. How capable they are in a local conflict, so they could calculate haw many conflicts should be organized to neutralize the army and police.
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