Kosherslakt lovbeskyttet i EU

533px-sheepThe final text of the proposed amendment to the EU laws will be brought before the EU Council of Ministers next month
by: Maud Swinnen
European Jewish Congress secretary general Serge Cwajgenbaum:»We see this issue as crucial to religious freedom and observance in Europe.»

BRUSSELS (EJP)—The European Jewish Community hailed the European Parliament’s vote to legalize the traditional Jewishmethod of animal slaughter, called ‘shechita’ in Hebrew, into European law.
The vote during the plenary session of the European assembly in Brussels followed months of joint efforts by European Jewish organisations.

The MEPs voted to introduce laws which would be binding across Europe to allow animal slaughter «in accordance with religious rites».

“The vote represents a significant victory for the coalition of the European Jewish Congress, the Conference of European Rabbis and Shechita EU, which was established to maintain the broadest possible representation of the interests of European Jewish communities on the issue of religious slaughter,” the European Jewish Congress (EJC), an umbrella representative body for Jewish communities across Europe, said Thursday.
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by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The European Union Parliament on Wednesday voted to legalize kosher slaughtering, which has been outlawed by six countries — but a critical vote next month will determine if EU countries can effectively get around the approval by demanding pre-stunning, which violates Jewish dietary laws.

The European Jewish Congress and conference of European Jewish Rabbis lobbied heavily for the bill and defeated efforts by animal rights groups to ban kosher slaughtering, which demands swift death to the animal by use of a sharp knife at the throat.

Animal rights groups have claimed the method is cruel and have succeeded in banning kosher slaughtering in Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. Switzerland allows the method for poultry but not for other animals.

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