Immigranter strømmer til Europa

800px-atar3France24: In the northern French port city of Dunkirk, dozens of men and teenage boys gleefully rush out of their small tents and wooden boxes to collect some of the food and clothing brought to them by local aid workers on Wednesday.

More than 100 illegal immigrants, mainly Afghans, Iranians, Iraqi Kurds and Vietnamese, have set up illegal settlements in dunes and so-called «jungles» surrounding the port, where cargo ships leave for Dover, UK.

Many of them sold their land, mortgaged their homes and jumped aboard a lorry to travel thousands of miles away from their homes to fulfil their dreams in the United Kingdom.

«There are jobs for everyone in the UK,» says 21-year-old Habib from Iraq. «Language is a problem in other European countries, but in the UK our community will help us,» he explains in broken English.

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