Trenger kunstig støtte for å puste, likevel frisk nok til å bli fengslet

1389.9 Holocaust ABBC: Alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk is in jail in Munich, facing charges of being an accessory to the deaths of 29,000 Jews in World War II.
The arrest warrant was read to him on Tuesday, hours after the frail 89-year-old arrived in Germany following his deportation from the US.
He is being held in a medical unit at Stadelheim prison breathing through nasal tubes, his lawyer said.
He denies accusations that he worked as a guard in the Sobibor Nazi death camp.
Mr Demjanjuk, who settled in the US in 1952, says he was captured by the Germans in his native Ukraine during the war and kept as a prisoner of war.

I am not as naive as to believe that he [Demjanjuk] will spend even one day in prison – but we will get a discussion about justice in post-war Germany
Stephan Kramer, general secretary of the Central Consistory of Jews in Germany
Demjanjuk’s slow road to Germany
US agents on Monday removed him from his family home in Ohio, and he was placed aboard a private jet which touched down at Munich airport on Tuesday morning.

He has been fighting deportation since charges were levelled against him in March, arguing that he is too frail to be moved.
But the US government, which secretly shot footage showing him walking without assistance, argued he was fit to travel.
An appeals court ruled that the removal could go ahead, saying it was satisfied that Mr Demjanjuk would be provided with adequate care.

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