Israel er forbered for krig

israeliAl Jazeera: Israel has put its largest-ever civil defence drill into high gear, asking the entire public to practise taking cover as air raid sirens sound across the country.

Israelis on Tuesday entered a third day of a nearly week-long drill aimed at testing the nation’s readiness for a «doomsday» of foreign attacks.
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Guardian: The Israel lobby is aiming to soften up US public opinion for an attack on Iran. Americans should resist its propaganda.

Despite the ballyhoo of the recent Aipac national policy conference in Washington, when Israel-US bonds were feted, relations between the two countries are currently more strained than at any time since 1991. That was when the elder George Bush, as US president, fiercely lobbied Yitzchak Shamir to join in the Madrid peace conference. Relations then reached their nadir when James Baker uttered his infamous remark about Israel’s American-Jewish supporters: «F*** the Jews, they don’t even vote for us.»

If relations continue to deteriorate in coming months, we might have to go back in time to the Suez crisis of 1956 to find a time when relations were this fraught.

A case in point is Iran.
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