Muslimene øker i antall i Europa

Islam ønsker og vil dominere verdenCanada Free Press: With the rapid growth of Muslim populations in Europe, Muslim demographics represents a topic that is on everyone’s mind. From the rising radicalism of UK Muslims to the car burnings that shook Paris to the riots in Brussels and the growing acceptance that some form of Sharia law will be integrated into the legal systems of individual European nations– not just the size, but the projected size of Muslim populations is behind attitudes toward Muslims.

To many on the left, Muslim populations represent the fall of colonialism and the rise of true multicultural societies. To many on the right they represent a threat and the mark of a skull and crossbones across the map of Western Europe. To many middle of the road politicians, who may identify one way or another, the Muslims populations are inevitable and must be accommodated. Such politicians may dislike the social and criminal problems produced by Muslim growth, but see no way out but to accept it and make the best of it. That is why seemingly confrontational politicians like Sarkozy in France or Lieberman in Israel may talk a good game, but while their rhetoric roars like a lion, their actual policies squeak like a mouse.

This form of Dhimmism is one one of the more disturbing side effects of Muslim population growth, as politicians thinking themselves farsighted, resign themselves to the inevitable. And this of course makes Muslim populations one of the best political weapons in the hands of Muslim leaders, who make it clear that they are the future and that nothing short of genocide can change that.

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