Er korset i det svenske flagget noe å skamme seg over?

800px-flag_of_swedensvgThe local: The role of religion in public life in Sweden has been brought into sharp relief by a provocative ad campaign questioning the existence of God.

Earlier this week, billboards went up in several Stockholm subway stations and elsewhere around the city proclaiming, “God probably doesn’t exist” (Gud finns nog inte).

Accompanying the proclamation are images of three flags featuring symbols from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity fashioned in the same shades of blue and yellow found on the Swedish flag.

The ads come from the Swedish Humanist Association (Humanisterna), and are part of a campaign to further debate about the impact of religion on public life and recruit new members to the organization.

“We want to get people to reflect on the fact that religion plays a bigger role that they think,” Humanist Association chair Christer Sturmark told the magazine Resumé.

The Swedish Humanists claim in the ad that less than 20 percent of Swedes are religious.

As a result, the group thinks it’s worth considering how religion affects the lives of the remaining 7 million Swedes when it comes to issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and religious independent schools (‘friskolor’).
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