Eik er ikke-kosher

Bartek Eik

Eika – en gang et hellig tre for de indo-europeiske folkeslagene, men som få har respekt for i dag…

Haaretz: A sad fate awaits a towering tree believed to have been Adolf Hitler’s gift to the occupied town of Jaslo – planted to the sound of a Nazi band during World War II.

Town authorities now want it cut down and burned to make way for a new roundabout. But some residents have become attached to the 40-foot (12-meter) oak and are lobbying to save it.

«The tree has not hurt anyone and is not guilty of anything,» protest organizer Kazimierz Polak said, adding that his group was appealing to local and regional authorities to preserve the tree.
«It is growing healthy and tall. Let it grow

But Mayor Maria Kurowska said it was a reminder of Jaslo’s connection to Hitler, whose Nazi troops razed the town in late 1944 as the Soviet Army advanced.
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Wild Horses of Newbury from Man Of The Woods on Vimeo.


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