Israels angrep på US Liberty i 1967

USS Liberty

Under Seksdagerskrigen i Midt-Østen, ble et amerikansk marineskip, USS Liberty, angrepet av israelske fly og bombet og torpedert. Etter hendelsen ba den israelske regjeringen om unnskyldning og henviste til krigen og forklarte at de trodde skipet var egyptisk. Amerikanske myndigheter og medier godtok unnskyldningen og forklaringen underlig raskt.
I boken «The Attack on the Liberty» av James Scott, forklarer forfatteren noe helt annet.

Angrep på USS On June 8, 1967, a U.S. Navy ship was attacked by Israel. It happened during the Six Day War, when Israel was attacking a lot of things, and the Israeli government apologized, saying it thought the ship was Egyptian. The apology was quickly accepted by the major U.S. politicians and media: It had all been an accident.

The details, however, made no sense as an accident. This has been said before, and is said in detail in James Scott’s new book, «The Attack on the Liberty.»

Scott is a journalist in South Carolina. He is also the son of one of the Liberty’s junior officers, which likely gave him an «in» with the survivors. Many of their stories, including his father’s, are in the book.

Much of it is a blow-by-blow account of the attack, which came on a clear day, with the U.S. flag and the U.S. markings, «GTR-7» clearly visible. Over the course of an hour, the ship was hit by cannon fire, rockets and napalm from Israeli aircraft, and a torpedo from an Israeli gunboat. One more torpedo would have sunk the ship, but the attackers broke off, leaving 34 dead and many wounded. It was the worst combat damage to a Navy ship since World War II.

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