FN påtvinger Storbritannia flere asylsøkere

fn-flaggTelegraph: UN has established a full-time presence in Calais for the first time in seven years, offering «information and support».

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR ) said the 2000 odd migrants sleeping rough in the area should be allowed to make an «informed decision» about their options.

«Most are motivated by economic or family reasons, but a few have fled violence or persecution and their well-being is of direct concern,» added a spokesman for the agency.

«Many have no idea about the situation back home, or about what they can expect in the UK.»

The agency originally left Calais in 2002 following an agreement reached between Britain and France to close the Sangatte Red Cross Centre.

It had acted as a magnet for thousands of illegal migrants heading for the UK .

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