Finanskrise eller ikke, Litauen skal blø på grunn av Holokaust

dollarEJP: Visiting US lawmakers Thursday pressed Lithuania over a long-delayed compensation plan for Jewish property seized by Nazi Germany in World War II and later kept by the Soviet regime.

«I understand that economic times are difficult, but property must be returned to its rightful owners,» Senator Benjamin Cardin said in a statement after meeting with Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus.

«Given the human slaughter that took place here, this is a clear matter of justice and morality» and «timely and fair settlement» was essential, Cardin added.

«It is urgent to begin disbursements while Holocaust survivors are still alive,» he said.

Under draft rules yet to be put to parliament, Lithuania aims to begin paying compensation for Jewish communal property in 2012 — it had planned to start in 2011, but last month said it would push back the date.

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