Homolobby vil bestemme politikk og religion

homo flagGuardian: The Foreign Office is to risk the wrath of «homophobic» regimes worldwide by encouraging British ambassadors to do more to support gay communities.

Chris Bryant, the new Foreign Office minister, who is gay, has started writing personal letters of congratulations to British diplomats who show public support for gay rights. He is praising them for such support even if it draws anger from national governments or local homophobic groups.

On the eve of today’s Gay Pride March in London, Bryant sent handwritten letters of personal congratulations to three British ambassadors in eastern Europe after they were angrily accused by national governments of promoting gay rights.

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Telegraph: Homosexual «weddings» should be celebrated in churches, a Government minister has said in defiance of religious teaching.

Chris Bryant, who once posed in his underpants on a gay dating website, said he wanted clergy to be «much more open» to the idea of treating civil partnership ceremonies like traditional marriages.

However, his suggestion goes directly against the rules of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, which state that only the union of a man and a woman can be celebrated by a priest in church.
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Telegraph: The Queen has sent «supportive» letters to the leaders of a controversial church movement that has angered homosexuality campaigners.

She told the heads of the traditionalist group, formed in response to the liberal direction of some parts of the Anglican Communion, that she “understood their concerns” about the future of the 80 million-strong global church.

The Queen, who is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, has also wished them well with today’s launch in London of a new alliance of evangelical and Anglo-Catholic parishes in Britain and Ireland.

One leading evangelical said: “We found the letters very supportive.”

Her intervention will surprise many because the group, called the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, is feared by some to be a divisive force and one of its senior figures was this weekend accused of being «homophobic».

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The Local: Elderly homosexuals in Stockholm are hopeful that their long-held hopes of having a nursing home of their own may soon become a reality.

While the idea of creating an elderly-living facility catering specifically to members of Stockholm’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual communities has been around for more than a decade, plans are finally starting to move forward in earnest.

According to Christer Fällman, a project leader for the planned Regnbågen (‘Rainbow’) nursing home, many gays in Sweden are interested in having the option of spending their final years in an environment suited to their particular needs.

“What we want to avoid is the situation which sometimes occurs today where a guy doesn’t dare to tell nursing home staff that it’s his boyfriend of however many years who is coming for a visit,” Fällman told The Local.

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