Holocaust-overlevende får ingen erstatninger i Israel

Ynetnews: In demonstration outside Bank Leumi, survivors claim bank holding NIS 300 million (about $76.2 million) deposited before Holocaust; Bank Leumi: Protest organized by public relations agents.

Holocaust survivors brought their protest effort Thursday to Bank Leumi headquarters in Tel Aviv, where the bank’s board of director’s was meeting. Dozens of survivors and their relatives demonstrated against the red tape involved in gaining access to survivors’ money held by the bank in some 4,000 accounts.

«Today is the opening shot of the struggle for justice and righting the wrongs done to those who perished and those who survived the Holocaust, in order to return it (the money) to heirs and Holocaust survivors in need,» Yaron Shamir, CEO of the Center of Organizations for Holocaust Survivors in Israel, told Ynet.

«In reality, Bank Leumi is holding quite a large sum, estimated at around NIS 300 million (about $76.2 million.) The bank is refusing to return this money and is dragging its feet by employing delay tactics. If the bank expects a biological solution, that is, seeing Holocaust survivors die so it can return less money, if any at all, this won’t happen,» Shamir said.

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