Den hvite mannen er skyldig ifølge Europarådet


Store deler av det nye åpne Europa sliter med organiserte,  mafialignende sigøyer-gjenger . «Løsningen» skal være null toleranse for diskriminering fra den hvite mannen.

Express: POLICE have warned a jeweller for “racially offensive” conduct after he banned «Romanian» gypsies ­following a series of raids on his store.

Michael Plant, 62, believes the «east European» travellers are behind the raids in which gems are snatched while other members of the gang distract staff.

But when he placed a sign in his shop window saying that he did not serve «Romanian» or «east European» gypsies he was told by a senior police officer to take it down – or face prosecution on race-hate charges.

Police have been unable to trace the thieves.

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Daily Express: POLICE forces across the country are being told to recruit gypsies in a plan that could put the public in danger, MPs warned last night.

Senior officers are so concerned about hitting the new quotas they have been inviting young travellers to their training colleges. But while gypsy and traveller groups gave a “wholehearted welcome” to the plan, political campaigners last night ­condemned the scheme as “utter nonsense”.

An idea of the Association of Police Authorities, called Local Employment Targets For Under-Represented Groups, the scheme says police forces have a duty to reflect the communities they serve.
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Anti-Gypsyism continues to be a major human rights problem in Europe – governments must start taking serious action against both official and inter-personal discrimination of Roma

«New pledges were made on International Roma Day to combat anti-Gypsyism

«What is absolutely essential is to combat anti-Gypsyism. The continued negative attitudes of many in the majority population is a deep problem. Without changes in these all the programmes will fail

«Hate speech must be stopped. It is crucial that leading politicians and other opinion makers avoid anti-Roma rhetoric and, instead, stand up for principles of non-discrimination, tolerance and respect for people from another background

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En dokumentarfilm fra Bulgaria:

Gangs of Bulgaria 2/ 5

Gangs of Bulgaria 3/5

Gangs of Bulgaria 4/5

Gangs of Bulgaira 5/5

Gypsy kings – Romania


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