Homofilm bannlyst i Ukraina

homo-flaggUkrainske filmsensorer sier komedien er en skade på landets borgere.

BBC: Bruno has fallen foul of the censors in Ukraine, who claim Sacha Baron Cohen’s raucous new comedy could «damage the morality» of its citizens.

The Ukrainian ministry of culture told local film distributor Sinergia it had «decided to ban all showings of this film on Ukrainian territory».

Bruno, it said, «contains unjustified showing of genital organs».

In addition, the film depicts what the ministry calls «homosexual perversions» in an «explicitly realist manner».

Rated 18 in the UK, Bruno sees Cohen playing a gay Austrian fashion reporter who travels to the US to make his name.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has warned audiences the film contains «strong sex and sex references».

Les mer BBC


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