Franske Calais er beleiret av ulovlige og farlige innvandrere

Daily Mail: Some still try to get through by clinging to the undercarriage of lorries. Others have been found hidden in ‘coffins’ – plastic containers with tiny air vents – close to death. Either way, you can be certain of one thing: that when a truck stops on the now notorious Rue des Garennes on the outskirts of Calais, someone will emerge and attempt to get on board. Day or night.

So it was late on Wednesday afternoon when Mail photographer Will Leach trained his lens on an HGV stopping for petrol about 50 yards from his own car. An all-too-familiar scene was unfolding.

But The Jungle – or at least the law of the jungle – has now extended beyond the boundaries of this godforsaken ‘community’. Death threats. Assaults. Robberies. This is now the way of things in Rue des Garennes, one of the main routes in and out of the ferry port.

A security guard at an American owned company on the mile-long stretch was clubbed over the head with an iron bar a few weeks ago.

At a nearby truckers’ cafe, the owner has had knives pulled on him so many times he is considering pulling out (a number of businesses already have), and at least two British families have been ‘carjacked’ after being forced to stop by immigrants forming a human chain across the road.

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