– Er du homofil skal du kunne ha rett på å snakke med en homofil politimann

politi-hijabTelegraph.co.uk: Muslims, Jewish and Hindu crime victims could be given the right to request a police officer of their own religion under a scheme being trialled in the Sikh community.

Under the pilot project, Sikh police officers act as go-betweens, offering support to victims and advising investigating officers on cultural issues deemed important to solving crimes.

The Metropolitan Police, which is running the scheme, said they would encourage staff associations representing other minority groups, such as Muslims, Hindus and Jews, to follow suit if detection rates were seen to benefit

Black people and homosexuals may also be entitled to ask for an officer of the same ethnicity or sexuality.

But rank and file police officers have reacted angrily to the new policy, calling it «political correctness gone mad» and raising fears it could create a «force within a force».

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