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soviet_women_poster1HenryMakov: A smoking gun! The elite doesn’t want us to reproduce.

In 1970, Frederick Jaffe, the VP of Rockefeller-sponsored «Planned Parenthood» organization outlined how «social constraints» should be used to achieve «fertility control.» («Family Planning Perspectives» Oct.1970.)

These «constraints» included encouraging «increased homosexuality,» altering «the image of the ideal family,» and encouraging women to work outside the home.

If this failed, the agency recommended the placement of «fertility control agents in the water supply.» We’re not talking about unwanted pregnancies here.

The unprecedented decline of the American family since 1960 did not take place by accident. We are victims of a campaign of psychological warfare carried out by the CIA and foundations through the media, government and education.

They put the neutering agent in the cultural drinking water. The main ingredient is the promotion of homosexuality as an alternative to heterosexuality.

Feminism, which masquerades as «woman’s rights,» is in fact a pathological lesbian movement. It coerces women to believe that their feminine instincts are socially taught, oppressive and evil. It teaches them to fear and compete with men, and to find fulfillment in career instead of family.

Women who devote their lives to their families are the finest aspects of human life. They are saints who bring love and beauty into the world and tend to the real everyday needs of men and children. To disparage these women is a foul, vicious calumny worthy of the devil himself. Yet that’s what the feminist movement is all about, though they deny it.

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