Jøder skal samle seks millioner dollar for å gjøre en ny Holocaust film

moneydrain_lg-150x1501E.V. Tribune: It is not enough to hear a Holocaust survivor’s tale, the rabbi said – you must help tell it to others.

Congregation Eitz Chaim in Chandler is gladly taking on the task of sharing one such man’s story. A fundraising campaign is under way there to adapt into a movie the autobiography «An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust.»

The goal is to collect $6 million – in other words, a dollar for every Jewish man, woman and child lost to the Nazis’ genocide.

«No one is born hating others; it has to be taught,» said the congregation’s rabbi, Victor Beck. «We realized that if you can teach hatred, then you can also teach understanding.

«With this campaign, we want to demonstrate the enormity of the number of Jewish victims in the Holocaust and ultimately use this film to educate the next generation about what hate can lead to

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