Det tyske samfunnet forandrer seg under islam

tysk-tyrkisk-flaggThe Local: Germany has some four million adherents to Islam, but as David Wroe reports, a small group of Muslims is making a big effort to become a recognised part of German society.

When the Ahmadi Muslim community was building a mosque in eastern Berlin last year – the first in formerly communist East Germany – they didn’t expect it to be easy. But nor did they expect death threats.

“I was standing on the road,” said Abdul Basit Tariq, the mosque’s Imam. A man stood there and stared at me with very sharp eyes and said, ‘I will kill you.’”

Another man living across the road unfurled a German flag on his balcony and, according to the Imam, cried out, »This country belongs to us, not to you.»

“They were afraid and tried their best to stop the construction,” Tariq said of local agitators in Berlin’s eastern Pankow district who tried to whip up opposition to the house of worship.

“They spread fear, spread hostility. They said, the Muslims will put their prayer carpets on the road. Property prices will go down. The schools will be filled with Muslim children. We are not ready to see women on the streets with black veils.”

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