Franske myndigheter prøvde å gjemme immigrasjonstall

street_crowdsThe Brussels Journal: It’s good to be an economist and to know how to count. While we sit around wondering how many non-European immigrants there are in France, economist Gérard Pince has figured it out in an easy-as-one-two-three procedure that he shares with us in a post dated July 30. His opening paragraphs describes how invalid the official figures are; he then moves on to his own method:

In fact, we have a precise starting point: that of the population in 1946 (40,246,742), bearing in mind that foreigners and immigrants at that time were 88% ethnic Europeans. We then add to this initial population the natural growth (minus immigration) until 1974, date of the family reunification law, and we get 49,105,699 in 1975. We then apply to this figure the rate of natural growth in three French departments where immigration remained until that time negligible: la Manche, Deux Sèvres and Vendée. We arrive at the figure for 2008 of 53 million ethnic Europeans. Since INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) estimates our total population in 2008 to be 62 million, it follows that black, Arab and Asian ethnicities represent today 9 million persons.

9 million plus 500,000 illegals, he adds in a footnote.

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