Israel preker humanisme til andre…

coat_of_arms_of_israelsvgHaaretz: Deporting foreign workers together with their children is a gangland conspiracy intended to make traffickers in workers, who are cronies of the men in power, even richer. There is no other way to explain it. For as soon as these workers are deported, others will immediately be brought in to replace them. They are already on their way. The slave traffic is proceeding as usual, and the human traffickers continue making a profit per capita.

The foreign workers are not taking jobs away from unemployed or needy Israelis. This story is a lie. Anyone who has ever looked for a caretaker for an elderly relative knows one cannot be found. And anyone with eyes in his head can see the stream of foreigners that keeps flowing in, incessantly.

We have already tried exhibitionist expulsion operations, yet the number of labor migrants and refugees has not gone down; perhaps it has even grown. Instead of cracking down on those who profit from illicit activity – though they are functionaries of Likud, Shas and the Labor Party – they are going for the children.

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