Sverige får store problemer på grunn av antatt antisemittisme

Israels flaggThe Local: Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet has been reported to the Chancellor of Justice (JK) after publishing an article forwarding claims about the alleged organ harvesting of dead Palestinians by Israeli defence forces.

«Is that true? I am perplexed,» Åsa Linderborg, Aftonbladet’s culture editor, said after being informed by the The Local of the report on Tuesday.

«I think it is a shame that whenever solidarity is shown for the Palestinians and criticism is directed again Israel, someone cries anti-Semitism.»

«One has to have the right to ask questions,» Linderborg replied when asked if she or the newspaper regretted publishing the article.

Nils Funcke, one of Sweden’s leading experts on legislation pertaining to freedom of speech, said he expected the Chancellor of Justice to reject the case.

«The article can hardly be construed as racial agitation. There is no ethnic group targeted; the article focuses on the Israeli army, and Israel is not made up solely of Jews,» Funcke told The Local.

Even had the article concentrated on a single ethnic group, Funcke did not believe it would be considered «agitation» under the law.

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The Local: An Israeli lawyer in New York has sued Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet following the publication of an article forwarding allegations that the Israeli army harvested the organs of dead Palestinians.

Guy Ophir, who works in Israel but has an address in New York, submitted a civil action suit to the New York State Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Ophir is claiming $7.5 million in damages against Aftonbladet. He writes in his writ that the newspaper intended to libel Jews and Israelis, himself included, and that he should be compensated financially.

The writ concerns an article published last week and which, according to Ophir, had ill intentions and is hateful against Jews, Israelis and the Israeli defence forces.

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