Ted Kennedy – de pedofiles beskytter

Barack Obama og and Ted KennedyTruthtellers: Few Americans realize that Sen. Edward Kennedy, “lion of the Senate,” was also advocate for the hidden yet powerful pedophile lobby in Washington.

During a previous intense fight to kill the federal hate crimes bill, a unique window opened to me and I saw Kennedy’s pro-pedophile agenda in action. It was fall 2005. The hate bill had passed overwhelmingly in the House in 45 minutes, with no Republican opposition. It had been attached to the Children’s Safety Act (CSA). CSA was must-pass legislation that would heighten penalties and restrictions on pedophiles. The Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by pro-hate bill Republican Arlen Specter, was overwhelmingly Democrat and supported hate crimes legislation. Kennedy’s hate bill was sure to sail through Judiciary and the Senate (which in the previous Congress had passed the hate bill 65-33).

At last, after seven years of frustration, the Anti-Defamation League, architect of the bill, was absolutely certain of victory.

But then the playboy who panicked at Chappaquiddick again did the unexpected. Kennedy made an astonishing proposal to Senate Judiciary Republicans. It was related to me on terms of anonymity by a Senate Judiciary lawyer working for a prominent Republican senator. Sen. Frist’s office subsequently confirmed to me that everything he said was true. Kennedy told Judiciary Republicans that his pedophile backers found intolerable the restrictions, penalties and humiliations imposed by CSA. If Kennedy would instruct his fellow Senate Judiciary Democrats not to move the hate bill forward to a Senate vote, would the Republicans join with the Democrats to water down the Children’s Safety Act? This proposal was offered to the Republicans with the understanding that later, when CSA came forward to floor action in the Senate, Kennedy would exercise his option to attempt to attach the hate bill to the weakened CSA; he could call for a vote that would surely succeed.

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