Kritikk av tyrkere forbudt (selv når en skryter av jødene)

tysk-tyrkisk-flaggTelegraph: Dr Thilo Sarrazin, a member of the executive board and head of the bank’s risk control operations, told Europe’s culture magazine Lettre International that Turks with low IQs and poor child-rearing practices were «conquering Germany» by breeding two or three times as fast.

«A large number of Arabs and Turks in this city, whose number has grown through bad policies, have no productive function other than as fruit and vegetable vendors,» he said.
«Forty per cent of all births occur in the underclasses. Our educated population is becoming stupider from generation to generation. What’s more, they cultivate an aggressive and atavistic mentality. It’s a scandal that Turkish boys won’t listen to female teachers because that is what their culture tells them», he said.

«I’d rather have East European Jews with an IQ that is 15pc higher than the German population,» he said

Dr Sarrazin has since apologised but his comments may have breached Germany’s anti-racism laws. The Bundesbank’s staff union said over the weekend that his position had become «untenable».

Bundesbank chief Axel Weber found himself caught in the storm while attending the G7 summit in Istanbul, where Turkish newspapers have been in uproar. He was provided with bodyguards.

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