Paneuropeisk samling i EU

Euroactiv: On Saturday (24 October) an ‘Alliance of European Nationalist Movements’ was established in Budapest, during the 6th Congress of Jobbik, a Hungarian extreme-right party. Five other extreme-right parties signed a common declaration: France’s Front National, Italy’s Fiamma Tricolore, Sweden’s National Democrats and Belgium’s Walloon National Front. The British National Party (BNP), which did not attend the launch, also supports the new grouping, Jobbik representatives said.

The main objectives of the new group, according to its representatives, are the preservation of indigenous traditional values and the protection of Europe from immigrants, as well as from «religious, political, economic and financial imperialism».

In the nine-point declaration, extreme-right parties emphasised that for them, Euroscepticism does not necessarily mean the rejection of the EU. However, they state that they cannot accept the Lisbon Treaty, because it aims to establish a «United States of Europe».

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