Den anglikanske kirken i en hengemyr – flere konverterer til katolisismen

Saint_Martin_in_the_Fields-anglikanske-kirkeTelegraph: The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned the future of the Anglican church is «chaotic and uncertain» as dozens more married priests consider defecting to the Roman Catholic church.

In a sermon which was released yesterday, Dr Rowan Williams said: “God knows what the future holds.”

While he made no reference to the decision of the Vatican to make it easier for married Anglican clergy to train for the priesthood it was clear who his remarks were directed at.

He delivered the sermon at All Saints, Margaret Street at a service to mark the 150th anniversary of the London church’s consecration. All Saints is a prominent centre of Catholic Anglican worship in Britain.

The Archbishop, in an attempt to reach out to Anglican priests who were unsure whether to switch, said it was still possible “to lead lives of Catholic holiness even in the communion of the See of Canterbury”.

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